Senior Adults On Call

While many senior adult ministries are planned on Sunday mornings, many times … needs arise during the week.


We have a church-wide internet prayer chain that is used to notify the church family of the immediate need for prayer and ministry.  One example of how the church responds to immediate needs occurred recently during our Sunday morning worship time when the Associate Pastor to Senior Adults received a text message.  He slipped out of the service and placed a call when he noticed who the message was from.  It was from the granddaughter of a long time church family that he had been in contact with.  He discover that her grandfather had just passed away.  He also knew she was the primary care provider, as there were no living children.  The grandmother was alone in a care center where she had been receiving therapy following a hospital stay.  The granddaughter, actually a granddaughter-in-law, was on her way to the care center to inform her grandmother of the death of her husband of 68 years.  The granddaughter was wondering if some of her grandmother’s friends could come to the care center to be with her following her time of sharing the news.  Contacts were made immediately following the service, and the grandmother was surrounded with the love of many of her friends during the following hours and days.


This is just one example of the love Grace Point has for senior adults and the entire church family.