Stress and the Body Seminar – Presented by Lisa Spady

I don’t know about you, but the older, I get the more I value my health and especially energy. Working with people who have lived with ongoing stress I have seen the toll it takes on their health. That motivated me to study ways to support the body be able to combat the stress we all live with. For the last two years I have been studying to receive a certification as a Naturopath. I just sent off my final assignment.

I discovered that the system of the body most affected by stress and the one where most disease is fought is the digestive system. Because of that I took extra training to be certified as a Digestion Health Specialist. Your digestion can make or break how much energy you have and your ability to fight disease.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there, that can seem to contradict each other. I will be focusing on basic, practical steps you can take to improve and protect your health. I have had so many of my questions answered through these training’s and I am excited to share how the digestive system influences emotional health.

-Lisa Spady

Speaker: Lisa Spady

Date: March 24th

Time: 9:00 am – 12 pm

Charge: $10 for KCHC members, $25 nonmembers.

Place: Grace Point Baptist Church

Contact Person: Steve Bartlett,