Artist Talk

On Oct 23rd at 7 PM don’t miss the Artist Talk featuring a couple from our Grace Point Family.

Joseph and Emily Almendariz are married with children and are business entrepreneurs. Both of them love to do art. Together they have been able to combine their artwork for a show that has just arrived at the Grace Point Gallery Cafe in South Kansas City. You don’t want to miss this intriguing exhibit. You will be truly inspired as they take you on a journey from spirit, to soul, to mind, to canvas.

*️⃣There will be:
➡️ Refreshments Provided
➡️Time for Q&A
➡️Plenty of room to spread out

🎨 Joseph Almendariz was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. He grew up always loving architecture and drawing. It wasn’t until he was in recovery for a broken neck that Joseph discovered a passion for painting. Art that has brought him many wonderful people, places, and things and most especially, his beloved family.
🎨Emily Almendariz is a graphic and multimedia artist and designer. She lives in Kansas City specializing in logos, branding solutions, and web building. Emily loves spending time with Joseph and their three beautiful children and hopes to take time for travel to more places someday.