March 4, 2021

Are you new here or thinking about checking us out? Here’s what you can expect…

Is there a worship service available for us if we decide not to go physically?

YES! we will be facilitating a worship service starting at 10:30 through FACEBOOK LIVE (you do not need a Facebook account to view this link)



10:30 AM | There is also the second service that has a more contemporary feel, but the heart of worship and the Word doesn’t change from one service to the other. This service is a larger crowd and hosts plenty of opportunity to meet a new friend and have good conversations.

Is Sunday School Available?

We have a Sunday school class for youth, Adults and seniors.

9:00 AM | Adults: There’s a ladies class that meets near the elevator on the lower level. They also have a Bible Study format. While the men’s group meets in the church library on the lower level, and have a Word and Discussion format.

9:00 AM | Seniors meet in the Choir Room located on the upper level – this group focuses on studying the Bible verse by verse.

What is the worship service like?

While the world has been going through somewhat of a reset, we also underwent one! The room set up with tables instead of traditional rows of chairs. Weird? Maybe the first time around, but we’ve been doing it for almost a year and have experienced a difference in the way we view church and do church.

It’s easier to get to know people, and we typically have a time set apart to discuss what we just learned from Jesus and the Word through the sermon, as well as look for ways to apply it. Rather than checking in and checking out after we’ve been “preached to”, we are looking for ways to take ownership of us being the church, verses a building we show up to once a week.

Imagine sitting around the table with friends and family you enjoy, and eating a good meal. It’s kinda like that.

Will there be child-care or children’s church?

Yes, all children can be checked in at the main entrance located on the lower level. As soon as you come in, there is a table to your right with someone ready to welcome you and your family while getting the information to check in.

Nursery – Preschool age will be hosted downstairs near the sanctuary where we have a time to play together, have a snack, & learn from the Gospel Project!

Ages 5-12 are invited to attend Children’s Church which is located on the upper level near the main entrance. Once the children are checked in downstairs, a helper will assist your family on where to take the children, and how to check them out when the service has ended. From beginning to the end, Children’s Church is it’s own service complete with worship, a snack, a teaching, prayer & application.

Do I have to wear a mask?

We do ask people to wear a mask and provide them at the entrance.

General information:

Of course, if you are not feeling well, no matter the age, we ask that you stay home and enjoy the service live. Please remember that coming together, no matter how careful, is a risk. Regardless, we look forward to seeing each of you again, whether this Sunday, or in the weeks to come!