Every day, teenagers are given a variety of options:

what to believe, how to act, what is cool . . .

We are not your typical youth group.  We’re full of saints and sinners seeking to know and follow Jesus.  In fact, our vision is clear: to make disciples of south Kansas City teenagers, who love Jesus & make disciples.

What does this look like?  We believe following Jesus means we study the Bible together, connecting every story to Jesus.  It means praying together, having a living relationship with Jesus.  It means having a party together, living in community like Jesus did.  It also means living on mission together, sharing Jesus with the world He’s sent us to.

So … every month we do that!  The first week of each month we interact with the story of God in the Bible.  The second week of each month we pray together.  The third week of each month we have a party.  The fourth week of every month we engage in mission. Additionally, every Sunday morning we have a time of in-depth discipleship around the Bible.

Come join us!