Grace Point Outreach

Evangelism is clearly the outwards focused function of the church. However, we need to get back to the clear gospel proclamation in our churches.

The tragedy is that people attend churches all around the world and think they are Christians because they listen to a good speech every week. We need to proclaim the gospel from our pulpits and in our Sunday school classes and our small groups.

We need to ask God, the Holy Spirit, to open our eyes to the lost all around us.

Evangelism is an ASSIGNMENT, the COMMISSION and COMMAND, of Jesus Christ to every Christian. Witnessing is the role of every Christian. We have a story to tell.

Years ago a missional church (or a Great Commission church) was defined by how much money they gave to missions, and the focus was on the mission field “over there” … But now – the world is a very different place. We have so many cultures and nationalities right here in Kansas City, in our neighborhoods: the mission field has come to us

We must remember that we do not save anyone, we don’t have the power to convince someone to die to their old life and make Jesus Lord of their lives. That is the role of the Holy Spirit. Our role is to pray for the lost and to present the message of Jesus to them.