Overcoming Addictions – Difficult Conversations – part 7

March 5, 2023

Speaker: Eric Spady

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Bible Passage: Romans 7:14-25

Overcoming Addictions – Difficult Conversations – part 7 – Eric Spady

In Romans chapter 7, verses 14 to 24, Paul says he was doing things he did not want to do. He said he told himself, “You shouldn’t do it”. He said, “The willing was there. HeI was really serious, but the ability to pull it off wasn’t. I kept promising God I’m not going to do it again. I struggled between my flesh and my salvation, and the two were not getting along”. And so, this thing called stronghold, spiritual addictions, is spiritual slavery in some category of life, which is why he calls it in verse 14 a slave to sin. If you are a slave, that means you have a master. He calls the master sin. He doesn’t call it a bad habit, he doesn’t call it a mistake, he doesn’t call it something that, you know, you need to just get over, he calls it something that is in antithesis to the will and Word of God.